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Dear Customer,

Welcome to Learning SPACE. Founded in 2007 by sisters Lorraine & Mary, we are an educational advisory, toy and resource organisation.

As a teacher and social worker, we felt that parents, teachers, therapists
and of course kids deserved better...

So we set up Learning SPACE to make a positive difference
for everyone!

- A place to share knowledge and understanding through training and advice.

- A place to easily access resources to suit your child’s /
  pupils needs.

But the real spark comes from supporting our AMAZING sister Emma.

Emma loves swimming, jigsaws and chatting with her friends. She lights our hearts and brings something special to our lives. She also has Sotos Syndrome which presents learning, visual, communication, behavioural and sensory challenges.


All children need support and 
we are here to help in this journey.

Our aim is to empower and enable children so that, no matter what their needs are, they feel valued, resilient & happy.


Inspiring toys and resources...

for a child with an interest in dinosaurs!

for a child who needs help with times tables!

for a child who loves Science!

for a child who has Autism!

for a child who has physical needs!

Belfast Sensory Friendly Store

Described fondly by customers as a

Treasure Trove’ and a ‘Secret Gem of
the City’

Visit our fun and friendly city centre store. We offer a wide range of toys and resources that captivate, inspire and enable ALL children to feel on top of their world.

A secret sensory nook awaits anyone who is feeling overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, smell and general hustle and bustle that Belfast city centre can evoke.


Get resources and knowledge
through our website.

As well as providing a wide range of learning and 

resources, we also install sensory equipment, soft play,

outdoor equipment and full nursery/school set-ups.

We have everything needed to create an innovative 

learning environment.

Check out our full range of sensory toys and equipment

on our website www.learningspaceuk.co.uk

Need support for larger projects?

Our specialist team are here to help.

Virtual Consultation Service

Book a Virtual Consultation with a member of our specialist team.

Join one of our training sessions

Book your 1:1 advice session with Andy

Talk in confidence with our in house trainer & advisor with regard to behaviours, ASD, sensory issues, routines, strategies and more.


Create your own group training

Our specialist team are here to
support you.

We are a STRONGPASSIONATEKNOWLEDGEABLE team, with years of experience and qualifications in childcare and education. We are on hand to signpost and advise on resources to suit the needs of your child. Our specialist team has fantastic knowledge of over 200 suppliers.

We work with some amazing charities and organisations

Did you know we are on the EA recommended supplier list? We provide a wide range of specialist support for schools, organisations, charities and large projects

Did you know we are the sole supplier
of the sensory and specialised
Family Fund Grant?

We are here to help you.

Learning SPACE quickly became an award winning, go to supplier in the parent, gift, health and education markets throughout UK and Ireland. All from their head office in Belfast.

We do this by making resources and supporting information easily accessible to parents and professionals so they can provide children with the support they need. We do this through our website, catalogue, Belfast city centre 'Sensory Friendly Store’, Specialist advisers, social media, training and information days.

This truly is a toy store with a difference.

If we can be of any help,
please contact u

Join our community!


Lorraine McAleer & Mary Leonard
Managers & Owners