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Meet the Team

Come and meet the Learning SPACE team. 

Captain Lorraine Mc Aleer (General Manager) »  Lorraine Mc Aleer Captain (General Manager) Captain Mary Mc Aleer (Operations Manager) »  Mary Mc Aleer Captain (Operations Manager) District Sales Commander Ciara Collins (Educational Resource Consultant) »  Ciara Collins Sales Commander (Sales Manager) Pay Load Assistant Commander Patricia Czaja (Accounts Assistant) »  Patricia Czaja Pay Load Assistant Commander (Accounts Assistant) Galactic Ship Engineer Naomh Judson (Admin and Procurement Manager) »  Naomh McAleer-Judson Galactic Ship Engineer (Admin and Procurement Manager) Lieutenant Commander Karl Judson (Project Manager) »  Karl Judson Lieutenant Commander (Project Manager) Galactic Pricer Emma Mc Aleer (Pricer) »  Emma Mc Aleer Galactic Pricer (Pricer) Galactic Ship Navigator Paula McCurdy (Admin and Customer Services) »  Paula McCurdy Galactic Ship Navigator (Customer Services)