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“Can i also say that your staff were very helpful and gave me lots of ideas as it is very difficult for me to find stuff for my wee child as she has no mobility and can’t move her body without assistance and the only way she can communicate is with her eyes, so your staff made the experience of choosing stuff very enjoyable for me so thank you so much for that.” Family Fund Parent

“I love ordering from Learning SPACE as I get great service and I have peace of mind when ordering for my family back home.” Sarah, New York

“Learning SPACE have an excellent range of products and resources that help improve Literacy and Language development. This company has to be highly commended for making these resources easily accessible to us.” Catherine Gilliland, Senior Lecturer, Literacy and Language, St Mary's Teaching College University Belfast

“I have two grandchildren with Autism and one without. Learning SPACE is fabulous as it caters for all needs. Many thanks. Wishing you further success.” Avril McCandless

“Brilliant service and range. Made children (and wife) very happy. Thank- you.” Ian Bell

“If I was a child I would want to live here! One word: 'versatile', another: 'fantastic'!” Ciara Knight