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ASD, Sensory & Additional Needs Training for organisations.

ASD, Sensory & Additional Needs Training

for organisations.

This is for organisations planning their own training.

If you would like to attend one of our scheduled training events

for individuals, please click here.

– We will listen to your individual and organisation’s needs,

and we will tailor our training to those needs, ensuring the

learning outcomes are achieved.

– Successful examples include: Youth Clubs, Peace Players,

Special Schools etc

Learning Space are aware that sensory support is becoming an

increasingly important role in more and more settings. Our

aim is to help children manage daily sensory difficulties such

as stress, behavioural anxiety and processing difficulties.

Due to this high demand we are proud to offer this specialist training..

We bring our wealth of knowledge of sensory processing,

real life home and classroom scenarios to help you.

What is involved in the training?

You can choose either our classic training or create your own

bespoke training with the help of our trainers who will tailor to suit

your needs. All with the aim of enabling you to more effectively

support children and young people.

Classic ASD, Sensory & Additional Needs Training

This provides an introduction to autism and the issues that

people who have autism might face. Participants will be

encouraged to draw on personal experience and present this

alongside their understanding of the theory.

– Gain real life insight of Autism, Sensory & Additional Needs.

– Gain greater empathy and understanding of needs.

– Learn effective strategies, tools and coping mechanisms.

– Leave feeling empowered as better understanding of what

can help and why!

Bespoke ASD, Sensory & Additional Needs Training

With our bespoke training, you can choose from a wider range of

training options. Topics covered, depending on your needs,

may include:

– Communication and Social Skills.

– Sensory Processing Difficulties (SPD)

– Psychological theories related to autism.

– How to support and manage physical and mental wellbeing and

how to provide structure.

– Introduction to Sensory Integration, including sensory strategies.

– Introduction to Sensory Processing Disorder and supporting

strategies in an education setting.

– Basic MSE Room Training — This informational training session

provides a comprehensive introduction to Multi-Sensory Rooms.

It is geared toward those who have very little experience with MSE’s.

– Advanced MSE Room Training — This training program is for

individuals who have had previous experience with MSE’s and

want to expand their knowledge base.

– Practical session — creating sensory supports at little or no cost.

– Creating a sensory area/room on a budget or with the

aid of a grant!

– Specialist Sensory Room Equipment training.

. Types of Multi Sensory rooms available.

. Outline of MS Equipment.

. Effective planning for the use of MSEs.

. Role and Responsibilities of Sensory Co-ordinator.

. Practical Session in the MSE Room.

. Equipment Use.

. Sensory Stories.

. Technology in the MSE.

Please note we are not medical professionals and all advice

is from our experience and knowledge of ASD, sensory and

additional needs. Always seek professional advice.

Who runs the training?

Our staff members who deliver the training for Learning Space, offer

a wide range of experience and knowledge in ASD, sensory

processing disorder and secondary conditions of ASD such as

ADHD, PDA etc.

All staff are able to share a wealth of knowledge about what products

are most appropriate for the individual, and what products may best

suit their needs.

Andy is our ASD, Sensory and Additional Needs Training Specialist

who has a wealth of experience delivering ASD training, helping

families and training professionals. His expertise comes not only from

his own personal experience of having ASD, along with having

3 children with ASD, but it comes from engulfing his life in attending

courses, researching and constantly learning from the children,

families and professionals that he supports. His passion in this field

drives him so that more children can be understood and that those

around them can put steps in place to support them.

All with the aim of making a positive impact on individuals lives

and being an advocate for ASD, Sensory and Additional Needs.

Who should attend the training?

The training is open to:

– Carers.

– Parents.

– Teachers.

– Youth Workers.

– Sports and Leisure settings.

– Early Years Professionals.

– Childcare Professionals.

– Healthcare Professionals.

– Emergency Services.

Where is the training taking place?

Training is available in:

Our location

– Learning SPACE Den, 11A Fountain Centre,

College Street, Belfast. BT1 6ET.

Please come to the Learning SPACE shop and you will be directed

to our den.

Numbers may vary due to Covid. Maximum of 15 people allowed in
Learning SPACE Den

Your location**

– **Please note costs cover your location in Northern Ireland –

please note for outside Northern Ireland you will be

quoted separately.

Via Zoom

How much are the tickets?

We provide flexible approaches to our delivery model including the

provision of twilight and weekend training, if required.  This will be

arranged with your training manager to suit your needs.

Our training is available in 2hr or 4hr sessions. Our 2hr session is an

overview, while 4hrs provides an in-depth session for your

group or organisation.

Our location with your team- Learning SPACE Den,

Belfast City Centre

– 2hrs: £300

– 4hrs: £500

Your location**

– 2hrs: £350

– 4hrs: £550

**Please note these costs cover your location in Northern Ireland – please note for

outside Northern Ireland you will be quoted separately.

Via Zoom

– 2hrs: £300

– 4hrs: £500

What have attendees said about the training?

Andy is inspirational. He not only knows his stuff but he is able to give mothers like myself an insight into how and why our children with autism do the things they do. Definitely an asset to the shop.

Denise Henderson, Parent

When Andy had us do the “spelling test” I was in tears thinking what the boy I work with could be feeling and it makes me want to give him a big hug. Thank you.

Social Worker
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