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Family Fund grants available for families across the UK

Family Fund grants available for families across
Northern Ireland, England, Scotland & Wales.

Families can now reapply for grants 9 months
after their last award letter.

We are committed to supporting parents and carers And we have created some great buddy sets and sensory packs for your family to enjoy. Click on the images below to see our range of buddy sets and sensory packs.

Splashy Bath Time Set

Water play has so many benefits both for the senses and the physical body. Having the right support is essential both for the child and the parent/career. This package is specifically designed to cover all this, with water fun for splashing and playing and even a bit of learning in there too, or the more relaxing chill out package will have everyone happy and relaxed.

Firefly Splashy – portable bath seat*
Bath letters and numbers
Bath gem – water light show
Number fun ducks
Sand water mill
Clear water pump
Clear watering can
Bathtime and toilet routine fan

*This size of splashy is suitable for children up to 7 years old.

Anxiety Pack with Massage & Aroma

Using a designated safe, comfortable space is a fantastic way to help with anxiety. All of the items in this pack are designed to give the child an area that they can go to when they need some time, perhaps preventing a meltdown. Using a dark den kitted out with amazing lighting, comforting smells and soft cushions, the child can reduce anxiety themselves and learn to self-soothe.

Aroma stream
5 x aroma scents (varied)
Anxiety buddy bag
Octagon pillow
Vibrating head massager
Laser Twilight
Touch Tags bean bag
Mohdoh Unwind
Relaxation CD
Dark den
Weighted Warmies toy

(items may vary slightly)

Deep Pressure Fun Pack

Have you got a hugger or a squisher? Does your child seek that deep pressure in order to feel content? This pack will target the proprioceptive sense that means that children are not fully aware of their body or its positioning so will need to have extra support. All the items in this pack are aimed to be used at different times and work on all area on the body.

Resistance band
Wrist and ankle weights
3kg weighted blanket
Small wiggle seat
Medium body sock (can be changed for a different size if needed)
Red vibrating cushion
Vibrating snake
Weighted Warmies toy
Large set pool
Fold and bounce trampoline
Pump for Sensoroll

(items may vary)

Sandpit & Accessories Set

Sand is an unsung hero in sensory play. The hours of play that sand provides is actually doing so much more. For example, the lifting and scooping of the sand is developing hand eye co-ordination, it is building muscle and even helps with body awareness as they judge the power need to hand the equipment and sand together. We can add in a bit of home learning with letters, numbers colour recognition as well.

Outdoor play giant wooden sand pit
Bucket and mill set
Sand set boat
Shovel and rake set
Castle moulds
Sand mould ice creams
Scrunch bucket
Letter moulds
Number moulds

(items may vary)

Trampoline & Outdoor Play Set

Enjoy the entire sensory experience with this full garden package. Fun and safety have been considered carefully and as with all Learning Space selections, it is child centred. Physical play and well as visual and audible stimulation, all areas are covered.

Magnitude 8ft*
Protektamats x 2
Spiro hop
Windy garden
Wind chimes

*Larger trampolines can be substituted, please call for a quote.

Spin & Bounce Sensory Fun Set

Sometimes the constant need for spinning or bouncing is very difficult to satisfy in our own homes. The urge to do this originates from the vestibular sense (body awareness). This package is full of our most popular vestibular items that should cover all needs.

Top – sit and spin
Plum Colobus garden swing set
Fold and bounce trampoline
Whizzy Dizzy
Scooter balance board (colours may vary)

(items may vary)

Under 8 Physical Play Set

Keeping the little ones occupied can be tough so this pack is a range of outdoor equipment aimed at children under 8’s. The fun of outdoor play is combined with sensory and physical development.The push & pull motion of the a wheelbarrow, the motion on wheels, and even becoming a big scary monster are giving sensory feedback, while developing the core stability of a child in a fun way.

Beanbag toss game
E-Z-Goal – moveable goal post
Scooter board
Parachute 3.5m wide
Monster feet
Skipping rope
Top – sit and spin
Fold and bounce trampoline
Step a Logs

(items may vary)

We’re here to help with any questions you may have about the sets above, or for applying for your Family Fund grant.

You can get in touch with us on 02890 319 360, send us an email at info@learningspace.uk.co.uk, or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Click below to apply for your Family Fund Grant

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