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Home Learning Links

We have pulled together some links to help you at this

difficult time. We hope they help.

. Special Education and Inclusive Learning – 150 ideas for Sensory Home Learning

. Little Bins for Little Hands – 50+ Sensory Play ideas for Kids.

. Mother Could – Sensory Play Recipes for parents to download for their kids.

. Magic Fluid Live (Android app) – Touch the screen and experience this amazing,

lifelike simulator of fluid physics that you can interact and play with. Gorgeous visual

effects give an out of this world feel.

. Sensory at Home – Facebook community with parents, carers and early years

professionals sharing advice on sensory play and resources for children with

additional needs.

. Play It Again – Strategies for parents for preventing an after school meltdown

(downloadable poster)

. Play It Again – Understanding dysregulation: How to support a highly emotional child

(downloadable poster)

. Understanding Sensory Issues – Does my child have a sensory issue?

. Sensory Play at Home: Proprioceptive Games

. The Sensory Room: Helping Students With Autism Focus & Learn

. Sensory Overload video-giving the viewer a glimpse into sensory overload, and how

often our sensory experiences intertwine in everyday life.

. Your Child’s Internal “Alarm Clock” is Causing Fidgeting and Sensory

Seeking Behaviour – blog

. Sensory Strategies and activities – Practical ways to incorporate sensory input

(downloadable poster)

. Mess-Free Cute Bug Painting / Sensory Play (video)

. Scooter Boards for Vestibular Input: What to Add to Your Sensory Room (blog)

. How To Use Yoga For Building Core Muscle, Self-Regulation and Attention

(downloadable yoga cards)

. Oak Academy – Lessons to support children with additional needs in their

physical development

. Middletown Centre for Autism – Support for autistic learners with sensory processing,

ideas for activities, resources and guidance for those supporting them

. Call Scotland – A guide to using the iPad to Support Learners with Physical Difficulties

. Call Scotland – Using the iPad to Support Learners with Visual Difficulties

. Call Scotland – Using Windows 10 ‘Accessibility’ Tools to Support Learners with

Visual Difficulties

. Griffin Occupational Therapy – 10 weeks worth of videos with activities to develop a

child’s fine motor skills

. Rhyming Multisensory Stories – multisensory stories for downloading using signs,

props, movement etc. to engage children with special needs.

. BBC Bitesize – dance mat typing to develop typing skills, different levels of challenge.

. Charlie Raine – Learn British sign language fun videos.

. Call Scotland – Resources to support SEND learning

. Call Scotland – iPad Apps for Learners with Complex Additional Support Needs

. Call Scotland – iPad Apps for Learners with Dyslexia

. Middletown Centre for Autism – Resources aimed at supporting children with autism

to develop essential life skills such as personal hygiene, self-care, safety, managing

work and leisure activities.

. Emotional Dysregulation: Supporting a Distressed or Angry Child or Young Person.

. Managing Anxiety webinar by Middletown Centre for Autism

. Breathing exercises by the pupils at Mercy Primary Schools

. COVE – a live music app that allows users to create sounds to express feelings.

. Chillpanda – a fun and engaging mindfulness app that provides simple guided

meditation for children. Recommended by NHS.

. Smiling Mind – Mindfulness breathing app that is broken down to many areas,

including youth, kids and school. Simple and easy to follow.

. The Beat Panic app uses a series of soothing coloured flashcards with messages

designed to help you overcome a panic attack in a calm, gentle manner.

. Insight Timer – Free app with meditation playlists for sleep, anxiety and stress

. The Free Mindfulness Project – Free mindfulness exercises for teens and adults on

breathing, body scanning and mindful movement.

. AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game – tap your stress away. 36+ free relaxing games to

release stress or anger and improve focus – only for Apple

. Guided imagery for children – Free meditation exercises for children, teens and adults

. Clear Fear – Free mindfulness app for teens, using the evidence-based treatment

CBT to focus on learning to breathe, relax and be mindful as well as changing thoughts

and behaviours and releasing emotions.

. DreamyKid – The #1 Kids Meditation App used by over hundreds of thousands of

families & schools! Full of different mindfulness exercises to support children.

. MyLife – Free mindfulness app with over 400 activities including meditation,

breathing, yoga, guided journaling and more. Perfect for teens and adults.

. Pesky Gnats – computer game and mobile app for use by mental health professionals

who work with young people with anxiety or low mood.

. Honeybee Kids – ‘Make Bedtime Easy!’ for your children. Listen along to a collection

of bedtime stories and meditations with your kid’s favourite characters, during bedtime,

quiet time, car rides and in the classroom.

. ELSA support – A range of resources, games etc. to support different areas of

mental health; anxiety, anger, emotions, mindfulness etc.

. Middletown Centre for Autism – resources aimed at autistic pupils, but could be used

with others to support change, particularly around COVID 19.

. Autism Little Learners – A range of social stories and resources around a lot of

different life issues, including COVID 19, that can be used to support

children’s understanding.

. Call Scotland – iPad Apps for Complex Communication Support Needs.

. Book of Beasties – Create a free account to access certain activities and resources to

support mindfulness and well-being.

. Understood – 5 social-emotional learning games to play with your child

. Oak Academy – Lessons developing life skills such as dressing, personal care etc.

What parents need to know about Facebook (downloadable resource)

What parents need to know about Facebook Messenger (downloadable resource)

What parents need to know about YouTube Kids (downloadable resource)

What parents need to know about Instagram (downloadable resource)

What parents need to know about Tiktok (downloadable resource)

What parents need to know about Snapchat (downloadable resource)

What parents need to know about Twitter (downloadable resource)

. Oak academy – Communication and language lessons

. Commtap -A directory of activities and resources to support development of specific

speech, language and communication needs. Searchable by age phase, subject, target

and level of attainment.

. The Communication Trust -A range of resources to help parents develop a child’s

speech and language needs.

. I Can – Games and activities to support speech and language needs.

. Call Scotland – a guide to android apps to support complex communication needs.

. Pyramid Educational Consultants – activities to support children and parents using

PECS (picture Exchange)

. CBeebies Radio – Listening activities for children aged under 5.

. Audible stories – Free to use during the lockdown period.

. Child’s Play – wide range of story time videos read by authors and illustrators.

. Oliver Jeffers – Stay At Home Story Time for children and young people.

. Oxford Owl – Free eBooks and activities for children aged 3-11

. Elevenses by David Walliams – Free audio stories for children to enjoy.

. Literacy Shed – full of helpful blogs and videos for KS1 and KS2 students

. Dekko Comics – Comic books that can be downloaded and support learning in

different areas of the curriculum, aimed at KS2.

Our Story 2 app – Full of fun activities which can help develop interests and skills that

will be relevant to them when they start to read. Available on Apple and Android.

(click on the links in bold to find out more)

. Nature Detectives – activities that can be done in the garden as a family.

. World Geography Games – fun educational games for everyone to enjoy.

Divided into continents.

. National Geographic Kids – activities and quizzes for primary school children and

EYFS to enjoy.

. Call Scotland – Android Apps for Learners with Dyslexia / Reading and

Writing Difficulties

. Call Scotland – Free Powerpoint Books for Young Readers

. Books for Topics – List of Dyslexia friendly books

. Rhyming Multisensory Stories – multisensory stories for downloading using signs,

props, movement etc. to engage children with special needs.

. Oxford Owl – free e-book library, select by age group

. Prodigy Maths Game – Engage students as they explore the Prodigy Math Game

world, where they answer math questions to complete epic quests and earn

in-game rewards.

. The Maths Factor – Free maths lessons for lockdown learning with Carol Vorderman.

Free trial mode for 21 days for additional lessons.

. Oak academy – Lessons to support children with additional needs in specific

areas of maths.

. Call Scotland – iPad Apps for Learners with Dyscalculia/Numeracy Difficulties.

. EasyRead Time Teacher – Time Teaching Resources

. We are Teachers – active games to support maths learning.

. Didax – virtual physical resources to help children understand maths, cubes,

tens frames, number lines, bead strings, and many more!

. Mystery Science – Home science ideas for young children to enjoy.

. The Kids Should See This – Child friendly science videos for Key Stage 1+ that does

not underestimate their ability.

. DIY Science: Anyone can be an engineer! – Free DIY science YouTube videos for

children of all ages to enjoy.

. Operation Ouch: Fun and engaging STEM educational videos for all ages.

Filter by topic.

. Crash Course Kids – Educational videos for primary school children

(EYFS – KS2) to enjoy.

. Little Bins for Little Hands – fun printable activities for kids that still have an

education side to them too.

. Red Ted Art – Cute and easy arts and craft exercises for kids.

. Blue Peter Badge Challenges – Get creative while learning at home and earn your

Blue Peter badges at the same time.

. Bored Teachers – 50 Online Art and Music Resources to Help Kids Learn and

Create from Home.

. UkKidsWindows – Facebook community sharing arts and crafts ideas for parents and

children to enjoy while at home.

. The Artful Parent – easy and fun kid-friendly arts and crafts on Facebook

. Blockly – Educational games that teach programming. Perfect for children new to

computer programming.

. Scratch – An online community that enables young people to create stories, games

and animations to share around the world.

. TinkerCad – a free, easy-to-use app for 3D design, electronics, and coding. It’s used

by teachers, kids, hobbyists, and designers to imagine, design, and make anything!

. Call Scotland – ways to use technology to support learners with Dyslexia

. Virtual P.E. resources to keep students moving at home.

. Funetics physical activity videos for 4-11 year olds – click the link and scroll down to

watch the selection of YouTube videos.

. Fun athletics videos and handbooks for young people aged 11+ – click the link and

scroll down to watch the selection of YouTube videos.

. Nike training club app – Free fitness app for young people and adults to enjoy.

Available on Android (search Nike Run Club in app store for Apple users

. PumaTRAC – 120+ free workouts. Train with world-class trainers and athletes.

Available on Apple and Android.

. Cosmic Kids Yoga -Yoga, mindfulness and relaxation videos for kids.

Interactive adventures which build strength, balance and confidence –

and get kids into yoga and mindfulness early.

. PE with Joe – workouts for kids Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am

live on YouTube.

. Kids HIIT Workout on YouTube

. Funky feet dance and movement videos

. The Best Ideas for Kids – 100+ indoor activities for the whole family to enjoy.

. Teaching Packs – 100 Challenge Ideas for Home Learners

. Catcote Futures Home Pack – Practical ideas for your children to continue with their

learning while at home. Split into six areas: Education & Employment, Friends,

Relationships & Community, Independent Living, Good Health,

Communication & Calculation.

. BBC Bitesize – daily online lessons for all ages.

. Future Learn – Online courses for parents delivered by world-class

universities and organisations.

. DK Find Out – A safe place online with lots of games and quizzes for children to see,

learn, and explore almost everything.

. TEDEd – A multitude of different educational videos to support learning for students

and allow teachers to create interactive lessons… there’s something for everyone.

. Toy Theatre – A collection of free interactive educational games for primary school

students to enjoy.

. Twinkl – Free printable resources for home learning, from Foundation Stage to

Key Stage 2 and covering Mathematics and Numeracy, Language and Literacy,

The Arts and more.

. The Imagination Tree – interactive learning games for kids and home-schooling

ideas for parents.

. History Hit – Free 30-day trial for teens to support their history lessons while

learning at home.

. Duolingo – Learn a language for free

. 2simple – Free resources for teachers. parents and students to support with

home learning.

. Ella Verbs – Spanish language app designed by 2 Irish people to support children and

adults to learn Spanish verbs.

. DigiPuzzle – Online puzzles and games for a range of different ages and languages.

. CBeebies – Online puzzles and quizzes for young children, from hide and seek to

spelling and numeracy.

. RTE Home School Hub – daily lessons on tv from 10am-12pm, along with activity

sheets to help children and parents get involved.

. Neurochild HQ – activities to develop grasp and fine motor skills.

. Oak Academy – Early develop lesson for pupils working below year 1 level.

. Doorway Online – Accessible learning games for English, maths, memory and

typing skills

. TTS – Exciting learning opportunities. A home learning collection of downloadable

resources for the whole family to enjoy.

. Scholastic – Discover a range of carefully selected learning activities and resources to

help you to support your child at home.

. We Are Teachers – Free printables and free downloads for teachers to share with

their students, full of worksheets, rubrics, posters, crafts, and more.

. Do2Learn – Downloadable resources, activity and lesson ideas for literacy, numeracy,

behaviour and social skills of needs including social skills.

Online Field Trips for teachers to visit with their students, or for

parents to explore with their children. Some are Free or Paid

and this is made clear below.

. Guggenheim Art Gallery – Paid for (please visit website to find out correct prices)

. Google Art Project – Free

. The Vatican Museums – Free

. National Gallery of Art – Free

. The Dali Museums – Free

. Museum of London – Free

. British Museum-Free

. London Zoo – Free online resources for students of all ages

. Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – Free

. Natural History Museum – Free online resources for students of all ages

. Science Museum – Free games and apps for students to enjoy.

. NASA Langley – Free

. Middletown Centre for Autism – Free webinars for parents available

on their Facebook page.

. Twinkl Free to download – Daily routine cards for home

. Twinkl Free to download – Editable Mini Additional Visual Timetable Cards

. Twinkl free to download – Daily Visual Schedule | Display Poster

. 50+ free preschool printables for early childhood classrooms

(downloadable resources)

. Proloquo2Go – Symbol-based AAC (augmentative and alternative communication)

app for parents, therapists and teachers to support people who cannot speak or need

help being understood (Paid app – Apple devices only)

. Visual Schedule by Enuma – The first wearable picture-based scheduler app,

designed with children and adults with autism in mind.
Available on all Apple devices

or used in conjunction with the Apple Watch.

. Choiceworks – Essential learning app for helping children complete daily routines

(morning, day, & night), understand & control their feelings and improve their waiting

skills (taking turns and not interrupting). Available on Apple devices

. I Can Have Conversations With You – Social language therapy system that teaches

children with autism how to begin a conversation, maintain one, and end one in a much

better capacity than before. Only available on iPhone.

. DayCape-Daily Visual Planning – A wonderful scheduling application especially made

for children on the Autistic Spectrum. Available on Android, iPad and iPhone.

. iPrompts – Supporting organizational skills, setting expectations for performance, and

setting up subtle supports and reminders. Available on iPhone.

. EANI booklet for post-primary pupils on staying safe and dealing with Covid-19.

. Demonstrating hand washing techniques – Facebook video.

. Giveback directory – list of products and services that have been made free during

Covid-19. (Please note that some may have expired)

. My Story About Pandemics and the Coronavirus – Carol Gray (social story)

. 60+ Educational Websites for High School Students while learning at home

(downloadable resources)

. Open Learn – Free taster courses for Key Stage 5 students and adults.

. Seneca – The fastest growing homework & revision platform in the UK.

Free to use for GCSE & A-Level students.

. Big History Project – Free History tasks for secondary students.

. Khan Academy – Free educational videos and resources for teachers and

students of all ages. Click the link to sign up for free.

. MeeTwo – Free and confidential mental health app for teenagers and

young people to support each other. Available on Android and Apple.

. Chatter Pack – Free Home Learning Resources List for Schools and Families

. NHS Mental Health Apps – list of NHS recommended mental health apps (free and

paid for) to support young people and adults.

. Find my iPhone app – Apple – Free to use

. Magic Piano app – Apple and Android – Free to use

. Duck Duck Moose – Apple and Android – Free to use

. Tappy Tunes – Apple only – £1.99

. Tap to Talk – turning handheld devices into augmentive and alternative

communication devices – Apple and Android – Free to use

. Animal Fun – Apple only – Free to use

. Furry Friend – Apple only – Free to use

. ArtikPix – Apple and Android – Free to use

. Model Me Kids – Apple only – Free to use

. Yes/No – Apple only – Free use

. SonicPics – Apple only – Free to use

. Speak it – Android only – Free to use

. Doodle Buddy – Apple only – Free to use

. Peekaboo Moments – Apple and Android – Free to use

. Amaze Kids – Android only – Free to use

. Kids Connect the Dots – Apple and Android – Free to use

. Art of Glow – Apple & Android – Free to use

. ABC – Magnetic Alphabet Lite for Kids – Apple only – Free to use

. Alphabet Fun app – Android only – Free to use

. Wood Block Puzzle – Android only – Free to use

Click on the video below to find out more

about how we can help support you.

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