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How a Dark Den can make a fantastic addition to any child’s sensory space

With the release of our brand new MySpace Sensory Pop-Up Dark Den,

we wanted to share just some of the amazing benefits that a Dark Den

can provide to your home, school or organisation. We have also listed

some of our favourite sensory toys to help create a magical space for

your children and pupils.

Order one of our Sensory Dark Dens, including our MySpace Sensory

Pop Up Dark Den by clicking here.

The dark den offers a safe space or cool down spot for children who can

become easily overwhelmed by sensory stimuli. It offers a quieter, darker,

enclosed space for the child to relax and have time to calm/regulate their

sensory system.

Dark dens are incredibly space-saving and practical, so they can act as fit

for purpose sensory spaces. Some dark dens (like our MySpace Sensory

Pop Up Dark Den) are also portable. This means they can be taken with you on

holidays or on sleepovers, ensuring your child feels safe wherever they go.

Dark dens can act as a safe haven for children that need some time for

themselves. Different sized dens also allow enough space for an adult or

older child to stand up in as well as allowing for wheelchair access.

The perfect item for a party celebration or just everyday fun. Play your

favourite music and watch the 9 super bright LED lights on the sound

sensor bar dance to your favourite beat. Or just talk and watch the lights

react to the sound of your voice. Alternatively flick the switch for a random

light show. Requires 4 x AA batteries included. Comes with AC jack input

(adaptor not supplied) for optional mains supply. H4 x W26cm. Suitable

for age 6 +

Create a visually stimulating dark den with these amazing sensory toys in

our Dark Den Sensory at Home Buddy Set.

– Spectra Strobe Ball – Sensory light up toy
– Electromite Spikey Fun Ball – Stress Relief, Fiddle Autism Toy
– Glow in the dark sensory ball
– Glow gloves
– Meteor Ball – Flashing Sensory Toy
– Infinity tunnel pendant
– Shake and Shine Light
– Water Light Show
– Light Up Strobe Bar
– Light up smiley ball
– Survival Foil Space Blanket
– Disco ball

Please note alternatives may be provided if an item is not available.

A handheld LED disco stick that casts bright colourful light projections from

the clear crystal disco balls at either end. Colourful LED’s project light in three

funky modes that work best in a darkened atmosphere.

– The handle comes in either green or blue.

– Hand held disco fun.

– Super bright LED’s.

– Three modes.

– Handle of double disco stick is either green or blue.

– 3 x AAA batteries included and ready to go!

– Project disco lighting effects off surfaces!

– Suitable for ages 3yrs +.

Shine stars and a crescent moon on the ceiling of your dark den with your

starlight projector. The top of the unit is covered in specially shaped holes

that sit above a light, allowing it to shine through the gaps and make stars

and a crescent moon appear on the surface immediately above the projector.

The device itself is purple with a starry design on the top that closely

resembles the projected light patterns.

The Flashing Bobble Ball is a multi-coloured plastic ball covered in spikes.

Drop or catch it to trigger an internal flashing mechanism that makes the

entire ball light up and pulse. As the surface is split into different coloured

sections the light appears to change colour as the ball rolls or moves. This

entertaining ball makes a marvellous tactile and visually stimulating sensory

toy particularly in the dark. Every toy box should have one! Flashing ball toy.

Covered in firm plastic spikes. Made up of several colours.

Pull the trigger on the flashing prism gun for huge colourful effects! Finished

with a multi faceted rotating disco ball, multi coloured LEDs shine through

the ball to create amazing kaleidoscopic effects for the ultimate wow factor!

Available in a mix of green and blue, the prism ball gun is an impressive

flashing toy! Flashing prism gun. Multi coloured LEDs. Rotating disco ball

for kaleidoscopic effects. Available in mix of green and blue guns. Batteries

included and ready to go! Size: 19cm (L) x 15cm (H) x 7.5cm (W).

Handheld portable fibre optic tails to enjoy on the go! You operate it with

the on/off button on the end of the torch and the black button in the middle

which changes the mode. Lots of fun options to play with colours up close!

Mode 1 – Colours – 12 options – 10 colour option, flash through all colours

option, fade through all colours option.

Mode 2 – Flash individual colour – Hold down for 2 seconds on your colour

choice to control the flashing speed. 2 sec flashes fast, another 2 sec slows

down, another 2 sec back to static colour.

Mode 3 – sleep mode – Hold for 4 secs for it to go into sleep mode.

Click again it will go to previous setting. To go back to the original white light,

turn off and on.

Relax to the sounds and special colour change light effect.

– 5 nature sounds (brook, summer night, sea, bird song and dawn).

– Options of sound only, light only or light with sound.

– Option of auto off after around 30 minutes. Helps relieve stress

and the effects of tinnitus.

– Touch on/off control. Uses 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Colour changing furniture is the ultimate in mood lighting. Completely portable

and lasting up to 12 hours after a full charge the mood lighting can be used

indoors and outdoors. Use the remote to change between light modes,

phases and colours or simply set to fade between the 6 main colours. The

remote control can also be used to control multiple units. Battery life approx.

10-12 hours. Charge time approx. 4-5 hours for a full charge.


– Ambience mood lighting – calming & relaxing

– Long battery life

– Remote control for colour & lighting phases

– Remote control can also be used to control multiple units

– Size: 22/22/32 cm.

Have you tried out our hydra lamps yet? The perfect night light for your

child’s room, the light dances along to the beat of the music. 🎶 Put on

some music in the room and watch as your child’s eyes light up. 🤩

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