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I am very excited – Sign2Music Taster Sessions in Learning SPACE!!

Learning SPACE are delighted to announce that Sign2Music will be offering taster sessions in store every Wednesday at 10am from the 7th September 2011. Book your spot today!! 

Sign2Music was founded by local mum Deirdre McLaughlin. Here's what she says about Sign2Music:

Sing with us, have fun with us with music, puppets and play. Sandy's ready to sign with you, so come along today! Join us on a fun-filled signing journey, supporting your child's development and communication skills while bonding together…….

Sign2Music is Northern Ireland's own baby signing company. I developed Sign2Music after experiencing the joys of 'baby signing' first hand with my youngest daughter Cara and realising most of Northern Ireland were unaware of the huge benefits signing can bring to ALL children.”

You can follow Deirdre's blog at sign2music

I have used signing with all my own kids from a very early age (still remember the pride when Precious First Born produced her first sign at about 8 months – “MORE!”) and I firmly believe in the benefits of enabling children's communication in this way. 

Sign2Music presents the signs in a fun, informal way. My 2.5 year old son and I attended a summer session in the Newcastle Centre a couple of weeks ago, which both of us really enjoyed. Puppets, bubbles, percussion instruments and songs old and new all combined to make a really enriching experience, enjoyed by small babies right through to the big brothers and sisters that were there. 

Learning SPACE and Sign2Music will be working together from 7th September to provide short taster sessions – these are free, and fill up fast, so be sure to book your place now!

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