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Learning SPACE and the story of the Three Little Pigs

Tune in to our ‘Watch on a Wednesday’ Sensory Story Time every Wednesday
at 11.00 on our Facebook page where we will be featuring Caitlin bringing
a much loved children’s story to life.

Join in with our lovely sensory story for August and watch as Caitlin helps
to bring the story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ to life with the use of puppets,
masks and other sensory products. Keep watching to the end to hear our
very funky Three Little Pigs song and do the actions but most of all have fun!

Meet with us every Wednesday at 11am in August for a grrreat storytime.
Don’t forget to get your friends to join in. If you can’t make it at 11.00,
the video will be added to this page at 12pm.

Make your own ‘Three Little Pigs’ masks

As promised in the video, press play on the video below to watch
Caitlin show you how your little ones can create their own pig masks
at home, becoming even more immersed in the story.

You can also buy any of the amazing sensory products used in this month’s story on our website.

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