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Learning SPACE Home School Packs

Check out our new Home School packs, designed to support your child

with their learning at home, while at the same time making it fun. Click

on each of the images below to see our Home School Packs

Nurturing a love for the outdoors and nature has lots of physical benefits

such as hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. Encourage your

children to interact and learn from mixing with living plants and materials.

Learn cause and effect skills and develop the budding scientist in your little ones!

Keep the children’s hands and minds busy at home using our varied set

to encourage problem solving, experimentation and hand-eye co-ordination.

They can learn to use their imagination, experiment with different materials

and foster an environment for social interaction and curiosity. 

This KS1 General Home School Pack has a Breakfast puzzle, Mosaic Peg set,

Quercetti Georello building system, Road Safety puzzle, Learning Cubes and

Magic Whiteboard with markers. With all the fun they are having, don’t tell

them they are also learning! Suitable for children aged 3+.

Looking to help with learning at home, while at the same time making it fun?

Create a sense of wonderment and encourage scientific discovery with a

Bughut, grow your own Lily pad, Planets, Slick Sand Mini Kit and create your

own tornado with a Water Wonders kit and more.

Have fun with your Baby and Toddler at home but don’t tell them they are

learning! They will be enjoying numbers, sensory experiences, magnets,

sizes, shapes, order, colour, fine motor skills and spatial awareness to

name but a few. You too can have fun interacting with your little ones

as they have lots of fun with our set.

Kids love making a mess so why not encourage it so that you can be in

control! Learn about chemistry and Maths, encourage independence, practice

fine motor skills and encourage focused play… but listen out for the giggles

and the laughter!

Bring out the creative side of your little ones. Encourage play and experimentation

in a fun and relaxed environment. Watch as they learn to identify shapes,

colours and textures. Help build self-esteem and co-ordination skills and

await the beautiful results! 

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