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New in – Dinosaur Island!

I am in love with this! Dinosaur Island

Dinosaurs have been an endless source of fascination in this house – (did you know that the heaviest dinosaur weighed as much as 17 African elephants? DID YOU MUMMY? DID YOU????). As well as imaginative play, exploring and learning about dinosaurs helps children to learn all about the world around us, science, history, geography and even numeracy and literacy -all those facts and figures and incomprehensible Latin names (incomprehensible to those of us not currently 6 years old, anyway!)

This Dinosaur Island has a chunky, easy to put together wooden construction, and comes complete with 6 realistic dinosaur friends. Suitable for boys and girls from the age of 3 and up, it is a lovely base for play. A perfect birthday or Christmas gift (oh yes, I said the C word – come on people, it's nearly September!)

If your children love dinosaurs as much as mine do, then you need links, oh yes you do  – have a look at this fab resource The Dinosaur Museum

Or for an interactive game to help you learn innumerable facts and figures with a fun interactive interface, have a look here Kidsdinos

Also in stock at Learning SPACE we have Dino puzzles, 3d models, excavating projects, and Discount Product of the Week, a brilliant card/ memory game full of facts and figures about the terrible lizards!

Check back to the blog soon for exciting news about Learning SPACE and Sign2Music's new collaborative project.

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