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Product Focus: Arches

Improve your balance skills and test your child’s physical, cognitive and social abilities with your own set of multi-purpose Arches.

In our first product focus of 2020, we have been working with Profile Education LTD to bring you this case study from physiotherapist Hannah Harboe on the benefits these multi-purpose Arches can provide to children and adults.

Multi-purpose Arches are designed to allow children to invent new ways of playing and create motor challenges; the possibilities are endless

An arch can be placed either curve side up – forming a bridge – or curve side down – forming a see saw/balance board. Several arches can be combined to form longer pathways, or even placed on top of each other to challenge more adventurous children. The Arches’ curvature gives a new and different tactile stimulation to feet.

Regardless of age, every one of us needs to practise and train our proactive and reactive balance control at our own personal level of motor skills.

Hannah Harboe, Gonge Insights

For this case study, we hear from Helena, a national handball player who, after injuring her knee in a match, started to use Arches during her physiotherapy sessions to help with her proactive and reactive balance control. You can read more here

You can purchase your own set of Arches on our website at
https://www.learningspaceuk.co.uk/search/arches-improve-balancing-skills and you can also call us on 02890 319360 for any questions you may have about Arches. If you have purchased a set of Arches from us, or know someone who has used them, please share your feedback with us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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