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Product Focus: Bouncyband®

For those of you who have been on our website or our Facebook & Instagram pages recently, you will have heard about our newest range of active learning, sensory products from Bouncyband®, exclusive to Learning SPACE. For those of you who are hearing about them for the first time, here’s a quick video to peak your interest.

Now that you’ve had a brief intro into the world of Bouncyband®, let us take you through the range of products available on our website for you to buy, perfect for use in the classroom and at home.

Bouncyband® Movement Band for Chairs

The ORIGINAL Bouncyband® for chairs helps to increase your child or student’s focus and academic performance by giving them an outlet for excess energy while working, enabling them to increase their concentration. As you will have heard on the video, an independent study, from Clemson University in South Carolina,concluded that students stay on task 10% longer using bouncy bands.

The bouncy band is quiet and it doesn’t disturb or distract other students – a big plus for teachers! and the chairs can be stacked and moved as normal. The support pipes also mean that the bouncy band doesn’t slip down the chair legs.

Stock up for your classroom today from £19.99 per band.

Bouncyband® Movement Band for Desks

From chairs to desks, check out the bouncy bands for desks which helps to provide your kids and students with an outlet to release that excess energy while they’re trying to study, as well as alleviating anxiety, hyperactivity and boredom. It’s also really fun to bounce your feet off and to feel the tension of the band.

For the desks, the band can stretch to fit desks with legs 20″-28″ apart so get your measuring tape out and order your very own bouncy bands for only £20.99.

Bouncyband® Wiggle Seat Sensory Cushion

No chair in your classroom or child’s bedroom is complete without a Wiggle Seat sensory cushion.

Perfect for those kids who have trouble sitting still, the Wiggle Seat sensory cushion allows children to quietly move while working, enabling them to focus, stay on task and be more productive. They can be used not only in the classroom but also at the dinner table and in the living room. They can even act as a stand-alone cushion on the floor.

Flexible nubs on one side and small bumps on the other can easily be felt, giving a choice for just the right amount of tactile stimulation. The ergonomic disc causes the body to stabilize itself, improving posture.

The easy-inflation pump is included with your Wiggle Seat and we have them in a range of colours and sizes. You can also get a Monster or a Butterfly one to suit your child’s style. Treat your child, or your student, to a Wiggle Seat today from only £19.99.

Bouncyband® Weighted Yoga Ball Chair

If you’re finding the traditional desk chair isn’t suited for your students, or you just want to try something different with your child at home, then we recommend the non-roll away Weighted Yoga Ball from

The Weighted Yoga Ball has been found to reduce fidgeting and increase concentration with an original weighting feature that prevents the ball from rolling, keeping it in place when not in use. The yoga ball is also great for building core strength and maintaining a healthy posture, as well as keeping the mind engaged as the constant ball movements increase blood flow to the brain.

The Weighted Yoga Ball is made of anti-burst, slip-resistant high-quality material and they are latex free. The yoga ball also comes with a pump, 2 stoppers, measuring tape, and a stopper remover. We also have sizes for kids and adults which you can order here from only £24.99

Bouncyband® Wiggle Feet

So we’ve shown you the bouncy bands for your chair and your desk, the Weighted Yoga Ball and the Wiggle Seat sensory cushion. Now it’s time to introduce you to the Wiggle Feet.

Similar to the other Bouncyband® products, the Wiggle Feet allows excess energy to be expelled while sitting at a desk, or in any chair, helping to achieve greater focus. It quietly enables movement while working as the relaxing deep pressure fosters the ability to stay on task and be more productive. The Wiggle Feet also provides a calming influence as the dual textured surfaces; on one side flexible nubs and on the other small bumps facilitate just the right amount of tactile stimulation.

One size fits all and you re able to customise the firmness to contour exactly to each individuals’ needs. They’re also excellent for bilateral coordination, improving balance and stabilization.

Your Wiggle Feet also comes inflated with an easy-inflation pump included for only £26.99.

Now that you’ve had a chance to read all about the Bouncyband® range of sensory products that we have here at Learning SPACE, have a chat with your colleagues or your kids and find the product that’s right for you. Our product advisors are also here to provide support on 028 90 31 9360 or, if you know which one you want, then head straight to our dedicated Bouncyband® page here.

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