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Product Focus: KidKraft

Create your own adventures this Christmas

If you have been in our shop recently, or on our website, you may have come across our range of KidKraft products, from our range of stylish dollhouses to our creative bookshelves, from pirate ships to teepees.

When looking for that perfect gift for your child, we all have certain boxes in mind that we would like to tick off during our search, Well today, we’re here to help tick some of those boxes for you and take you through some of the benefits of our really cool KidKraft range, perfect for your children (big and small) to create their own memories and adventures with their friends.

1. Easy to assemble (and disassemble)

If you’re like us and you see a dollhouse or a bookshelf, your first thought often is “I don’t have the time to assemble this”. We hear you, there aren’t enough hours in the day (sigh) and sometimes, due to the make of the wood and the difficulty level, it’s often left to a guardian to put together in time for Christmas.

Each KidKraft set is carefully crafted for safety (to avoid any splinters) and with some of the dollhouse designs, some of the parts just clip onto each other. Each part is numbered to help you keep track of the build. The easy assembly means that your kids can help join in, allowing the whole family to create memories and spend more time playing, not building. With the “Waterfall Mountain Train Set Table”, the whole set fits into convenient removable storage bins.

Waterfall Mountain Train Set Table

2. Detailed and creative artwork

First impressions count! And often the first look we get is an image on the box, or when we first open it up and start to assemble. As you can see from the designs, each one is unique in its paintwork and designed with precision and care to enhance your child’s experience and imagination. Our favourites for this have to be the “Waterfall Mountain Train Set Table” with the amazingly detailed design of its 120 pieces, and the chic and retro “So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse with Easy Assembly” with the beautiful design of each of the rooms.

So Stylish Mansion Dollhouse with Easy Assembly

3. Long-lasting fun for years to come

The next thought when selecting an amazing Christmas gift for your child may be “How long will it last”. This is a common query with many of the parents who pop in to Learning SPACE and, as many kids can develop strong attachments to their presents very quickly, you want to give them a present that they can use and play with for years to come. All of the products in our KidKraft range are crafted with care and made of durable, sturdy wood. If we take a look at the airplane bookshelf with its cool spinning propeller, this is designed to hold all your belongings, from books to board games. And for the likes of the KidKraft Pirate Sandboat, the Outdoor Table and Bench Set and the Let’s Pretend Shopkeeper Stand, they are built to withstand the weather outside. This means that your child can spend hours (and days) over the Christmas period having fun adventures with their friends.

So whether your child is into playing with dolls, playing pirates with their friends, reading books or maybe they have dreams of starting their own shop, each KidKraft product has been designed to spark your child’s imagination. We would definitely recommend having a look on our website here or pop in to see us in our Belfast City Centre store. You can also call us on 028 9031 9360 and one of our product advisors will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our KidKraft range.

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