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Product focus of the Week – Stuff for your left handed children!!

Being left-handed in a right-handed world presents a whole set of challenges, especially for youngsters.

Fine motor activities in particular can cause problems.

Some tips to help your child:

For handwriting –

Make sure the child is sitting comfortably, with their feet flat on the floor, able to see what they are doing and not slouching over the page.

Some children may struggle to remember to write from left to write – a visual cue on the table or page may help (eg, green on left, red on right.)

Because a left-handed person's hand passes over the writing, it's best to use a harder pencil, that will not smudge as easily.

The child should hold their pencil higher up than a right-handed child – this is to enable them to see over their hand.

Tilt the paper to the right, rather than the left. That will improve the writing flow and make it easier.

Like many skills, repetition is the key to learning. Practice is always helpful! These Left Handed Writing Skills practice books are a great way of engaging your child in practicing.

Stabilo make some fabulous pens and pencils that come in right or left handed options. I've heard lots of good reviews of these from parents and teachers!

Left-handed scissors are exceptionally useful to left-handed kids – cutting becomes far simpler!

Follow this link to see all of the products in our Left-handed skills range!

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