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Product of the Week – Hama Beads

The massive range of Hama Beads products provide craft ideas for all kids from 3+

It’s very simple – you take a template (priced from 99p!) and a selection of coloured beads, choose your colours and make your patterns, and then iron over the top to make a permanent work of art!

For younger children, the Maxi Beads are a great choice. Suitable from three years, they are a good chunky size for little fingers, but work in exactly the same way as the version for older children. You can choose from starter kits, like this one, or individual peg boards and beads

Just look at the sort of things your child could be making: 

When your child hits 5, or thereabouts, they’ll be ready to move on to Hama Midi Beads. 

These are a smaller size, so more detail can be achieved in the art work. From fabulous gift sets like this farm, priced at only £14.99, to individual pegboards and beads, there is something to suit every budget and taste!  There are even beads that glow in the dark!

Why not come into the shop on a Saturday – this month we are running special Hama Bead sessions between 11 and 3 every Saturday. You can have a go and see the range! 

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