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Product of the Week – PUPPETS!

One of our most popular product ranges at Learning SPACE is the fantastic selection of puppets we have.

My particular favourite is this one from Melissa and Doug – Smoulder the Dragon!

Just look at the cuteness of him! 
The Melissa and Doug puppets can be used with either hand, and are operated using your hand in their mouth plus a stick to move their arms. 

The range includes Smoulder, and his friends the Princess and Queen Carlotta Castlehoff, as well as a doctorbuilder and many more! 

The Tell a Tale range of puppets includes hand and finger styles, and provides any fairy story you can think of! Peter Pan comes with his very own tiny Tinkerbell finger puppet! 

Of course, if you are going to be producing wonderful puppet shows, you need a theatre. This link shows the beautiful deluxe version (in my house, a similar one also became a shop/ doctor's surgery/ vets). Short on space? Try this super table top theatre,which folds down into a small box. Or even smaller – the Finger Puppet Theatre, which is already in my stocking filler collection for my 8 year old! 

Oh, and speaking of stocking fillers – check out this fantastic wee set of finger puppets – The Wizard of Oz! I absolutely love it! 
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