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The Top 10 Toys for Arts ands Crafts

Organisation, iPads and clean hands are all great things, but sometimes your children need to make a mess to get creative. At Learning Space, we regularly host fun events that leave behind a trail of glitter and paint spots on the floor. If you can make it, they are an excellent way for your children to socialise and learn through play, if you can’t don’t worry.

Thankfully our staff have listed the top 10 toys that allow you to enjoy Arts & Crafts at home. Read about our messy favourites and get a few tips, here.

1. Playfoam Student Set

Let your children enjoy vibrant colours and create shapes in multiple shades. Playfoam is a beadlike structure that promotes sensory perception and fine motor skills development. It can be used directly from its travel box and can be taken on visits to playdates, family visits or other outings.

Playfoam is suitable for children from 3+, and the ‘Playfoam Student Set’ contains six vibrant colours.

2. Jumping Clay Kids Set

A complete set to help your children get creative. In the Jumping Clay ‘Kids Set’, you’ll find jumping clay, stencils and tools. To help inspire children, the set also has a designs manual, colour mixing chart and how-to instructions on creating different characters.

Click to learn more about the set and see what’s in the box, and this toy is for children from 3 upwards. Children of school and nursery age may already be familiar with this motor-skills enhancing toy.

3. Galt Card Craft Crafty Cases

Create ten fantastic gift cards with this complete gift card set, great for birthday cards, Mothers or Fathers days and even party invites. The collection helps children develop existing skills and encourages creative thinking. At just £11.99, it’s a great set that can be used by multiple children.

When you buy this Gift Card Case online or instore, you will receive 10 Cards and Envelopes, Zigzag Scissors, Heart Punch, two stamps, two ink pads, six sheets of patterned paper, four sheets of plain paper, two sticker sheets, ribbon, glitter glue and a guide.

4. Fuzzy Felt – 60th Celebration Set

This special 60th-anniversary edition felt set, encourages art with felt textures. Using felt, children can create works of art, tell stories and enjoy working with an alternative touch. As well as creative benefits felt can be used to help children recognise shapes, patterns and improve numeracy and sorting skills.

The fuzzy felt celebration set costs just £14.99 and is popular instore with teachers and nursery staff.

5. Snazaroo Facepaints

Snazaroo are children’s face paints that are specially formulated to be friendly to the most delicate skin and are fragrance-free, water-based, non-toxic and hypoallergenic. At Learning Space, we have facepaint sets for boys, girls, themed collections and more starting at just £4.99. Perfect for parties, outings or fund days at home.

Our Snazaroo sets can be used for 18 months after they are first opened and have enough paint to cover 50 faces! So, there’s plenty of fun to be had.

6. Craft Bitz

Let the creativity and mess making begin with the Crafty Bitz Crafts Set. Make seasonal decorations, school projects or some fridge-worthy artworks. This crats set includes felt, coloured paper and pre-cut shapes that allow your child to put their imagination to work.

Buy online and receive the set within five days, at the cost of £11.99.

7. Hama Maxi Beads Mindfulness Set

Create art, but more importantly enjoy the calming process. The Hama Maxi Beads are suitable for children and adults alike and can be used to make beautiful Hama Bead Board designs. From Horses to Romantic Hearts and messages, you can see the recommended designs here.

While creating bead art, children of all ages must be guided by an adult when applying and setting iron paper. The Mindfulness set includes Beads, a Large Pegboard and Ironing Paper.

8. Melissa and Doug Flower Power Bead Set

Allow your child’s creativity to blossom with these vibrantly coloured, hand-crafted wooden beads in this kids jewellery set. A garden of 150 flower-shaped beads in several sizes and shapes can be spread across one of the five coloured cords.

At just £8.99 this set can be great fun for groups of children who work together to create charm bracelets or decorative pieces.

9. Brain Noodles

Create the creatures, shapes and art installations you want with these furry fibre noodles. By bending these silky stems, your child can allow their imagination to run wild and work with an array of colours. Made with felt, they have a reinforced core for durability as well as a rounded edge to avoid accidents.

Order them now for £12.99 and discover a world of creativity.

10. Big Jigs Pastry Cutters

Encourage your young bakers to play with their food with these pastry cutters. The shoes include animals, plants, vehicles, people and buildings. The pastry cutters allow children to bring their creativity to the table and combine arts and cooking fun.

The complete Big Jigs set consists of 24 pieces and costs just £5.99.

For more info on the toys we love or the events we host at Learning Space, visit our What’s On! Page or Like Our Facebook Page.

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