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Top 10 Calming and Anxiety Toys

At Learning Space, we want to cater to all of your child’s needs. Sometimes, children just want fun and inspiring and toys that encourage their imaginations to run wild. However, we also understand that in the midst of the excitement and creative play, that there is a time for calm, for personal space and toys that aide calming.


Focusing on toys that calm children, the team at Learning Space have created a list of sensory toys that help children relax, find space and detach from feelings of anxiety. In no particular order and each delivering calm in different ways, here are the Top 10 Toys for Calm and Anxiety Relief.


Fish & Ball Bubble Tube

Ideal for creating a calming space, the Bubble Tube delivers calm through an array of colours and mesmerises children. Inside the fish and balls gently float up and down as the bubbles pass through. Popular for those with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), the toy draws a positive and relaxed response from children.




Pop Up Den

This lightweight den creates a relaxing, quiet space for children in your home. The tent’s area establishes an alternative to the hustle and bustle of home life and creates a domestic chill out zone. Alternatively, use with bright objects and UV equipment for sensory exploration. The Den is also deceptively large at 100 x 100 x 100 cm but folds away to take up almost no space at all.


Mohdoh Calm Mouldable Aromatherapy

Calm combines the proven elements; aromatherapy, play therapy and colour therapy to help children relax in a range of environments. As kids play with the mouldable dough, it releases relaxing aromas that can aid them when stressed at home school or travelling.

Weighted Neck Pad

The Neck Pad is a simple piece of equipment for calming children and is ideal for quiet, study or reading time. Used in schools, the neck weight applies low pressures on an area that can relax a child and aide focus.  Weighted Neck Pads are made from a soft velour material can be placed on top of school jumpers or t-shirts and increases calm.

Ollie the Owl Light & Sound Sleep Aid

Ollie is the perfect sleep companion and is suitable for use from birth and reacts to sound, helping your baby get back to sleep when they stir. Playing four comforting sounds and with a soft, warm glowing tummy, Ollie the Owl creates a lovely, soothing environment helping your baby to drift off to sleep. The sounds include rainfall, lullabies and heartbeat, replicating the calming surroundings of the womb.


Bodi-Tek Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier and Night Light

Create a soothing environment with the elegant Aroma Diffuser, Humidifier and Night-Light. The light softly switches colours and softens the atmosphere with a calming stream of mist. The light can be a great accompaniment at bedtime and can help relax your child as they nod-off; it can also be placed throughout the home to create chill-out zones and play areas.

Soothing Sounds

Soothing Sounds

Let the sound of nature work it’s magic in your home. Soothing Sounds plays five uniquely calming backgrounds including, the sea, bird songs and summer night sounds.  By combining gentle lighting, Soothing sounds helps relieve stress and the effects of tinnitus. The internal timer allows you to set the soother to auto switch-off after 30minutes.

Soothing Sounds is a Learning Space Best Seller, and it is highly recommended by our expert sensory area team.

Newton’s Cradle

This is a classic tactile science toy that can explain action and reaction in the most visual sense. The simple, Newton-inspired, toy can be placed in spaces for your child to focus. The rhythmic noise of the toy and visual consistency will help calm and focus and avoid overstimulation.


Laser Sphere

This mesmerising projection light is great when you want to help your child chill out. The multi-coloured orb can be used without the lid to project onto the roof or with the cover on to make a colour changing sphere. The toy comes with an adopter and should be placed 1-3 metres from the surface you want to project on.

All Birds Have Anxiety

This beautiful book explores the topic of anxiety, helping people to understand the effects of the condition better. Unlike other books, ‘All Birds’ speaks from experiences and uses humour to describe day-to-day life with anxiety. Part of a broader collection of books, the authors have a track record in addressing various conditions which make humans unique.

We recommend this book for those diagnosed with anxiety, for their friends, their or family members and anyone who wants to learn more about the condition.


Let’s talk about anxiety.

At Learning Space we run events throughout the year for children, parents and those who work with both. As well as giving people the toys to make learning fun, we also host events to encourage people to understand a host of conditions and challenges for children better.

To learn more about our events, be sure to like us on Facebook and visit our What’s On! page online.

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