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Top 10 Emotional Aides

Expressing emotions can be one of the most difficult challenges facing children. Very often, there can be a divergence between what the child feels and what they communicate. The problem can be exacerbated for children who are affected by Down Syndrome, Autism and other conditions. Unsurprisingly, the more extreme or negative the emotion, the harder it can be to relay it.

For parents, teachers and carers the inability to communicate with the child can cause a feeling of powerlessness. At Learning Space, we aim to help bridge that gap through the use of emotional and communication aides. These unique toys help children in both the short term; when a situation arises and, to develop longterm emotional intelligence and self-expression. Discover our top 10 Emotional Aides here, including fans, games and complete sensory kits.

1. Emotions fan

The emotions fan is a simple, yet highly effective tool to help children communicate how they feel. Brightly coloured and featuring easy-to recognise animations it can be introduced at an early age. The £4.79 fan can be entered at an early age to help children develop communication skills.

2. Emotion Dominoes

Help children better understand their emotions through play. The emotion dominoes come in a tin containing 18 dominoes and nine emotion faces. The game explores emotions to help children find calm, understand their anger and embrace happiness. The complete set costs £22.99 and is designed to improve social integration.

3. My First Emotions – Sensory Box

When addressing emotional issues in the home, this sensory box is the perfect resource. The set includes a guide for parents, emotion toys, five storybooks, an activity book and more. The engaging activities allow children to tackle emotional issues in comfortable surroundings. Learn more about how the set can help address settling into nursery, tantrums and sibling rivalry here.

4. Emotion Cubes

These cubes are a fun way to help your child express emotions and gain confidence. The play set includes photographs each showing different feelings, while the other two dice feature emotion words. An accompanying guide book explains how to enjoy the cubes best. The cubes can be integrated into fun drama games that encourage children to express themselves.

5. Emotions and Expressions Fan

A streamlined version of the emotions fan, this is a simple way to allow children to express themselves. The 3-card fan helps children distinguish between, happy, sad and other feelings. Given the card’s clear visual prompts, it can be introduced from nursery age.

6. Emotions Bangle

A chewable non-toxic bangle that doubles as a communication aid for children. The wearer displays the red or green side to express how they feel. The red face says ‘Leave Me Be’, and the green side says ‘Talk to Me’ with a happy little Chewigem face. See the band here at LearningSpaceuk.co.uk.

The bangle should never be given to children under 3-years-old as it represents a choking hazard.

7. Emotions Pad with Mirrors

This set of 8 pads and mirrors allow children to work in groups, in classrooms and other settings, to express themselves. They are a great way to open a dialogue around feelings for parents, teachers and carers. The durable pads can be used in and outside and are made from waterproof material.

8. Emotion Stones

A tactile way for your child to recognise emotions that can also aid motor skills. This beautifully crafted set of tactile stones is engraved with faces showing 12 universal emotions: happy, sad, angry, frightened, worried, surprised, confused, bored, calm, proud, shy and embarrassed. These stones will help your child communicate their emotions and develop their senses of empathy.

9. Emotions Chart

A classroom classic that can be bought for the home to reinforce learning and emotional understanding. The chart features 16 emotions and is part of a more extensive selection of educational wall charts available from Learning Space.

10. The Complete Emotions Buddy Set

This set is compiled by the expert Learning Space product team and is designed to cover all elements of emotional education. By combining book,s tactile toys like calming Mohdoh and a host of games, the collection addresses the topic in a way to suit each child’s learning style. Another advantage is the combined pricing structure which means parents can save instore in Belfast or online when they buy the full collection, learn more here.

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