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Top 10 Fidget Toys

Top 10 Fidget Toys 2018

Fidget Toys – Our Top 10 For 2018

Fidget toys are skill development aids which are made in a range of textures, they are tactile and can be stretched, pulled and squeezed. Some skills can take a while to pick up, fidget toys will improve fine motor and hand to eye coordination. Fidget toys also help with stress, concentration and anxiety reduction and are designed for additional and special needs like Autism and ADHD.

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TOP 10 Fidget Toys

Top 10 Fidget Toys All

Tangles Therapy Relax

Tangles therapy relax fidget toy
The twistable therapy Tangle fidget toy is a new ergonomic approach to stress relief, as well as a manipulative for hand therapy.

This item is particularly useful for children or adults who like to fidget and need something small to help them concentrate.

Kinetic Sand

Kinetic Sand
The first sand that breathes motion, like nothing you have seen before. Kinetic Sand offers and magical and mesmerizing experience, giving a month of relaxation for both young and old. Kinetic sand is 98% pure sand. Working Kinetic Sand with your palms and fingertips is a relaxing and stress relieving experience. The nature of the sand is tactile and soft, allowing children to develop their fine motor skills through fun, open-ended play. Another excellent fidget toy.

Tobar Twist and Lock Blocks

Tobar Twist and Lock
Coloured wooden blocks strung together with elastic allowing them to be angled to make shapes and figures.  This is a fidget toy designed to help with fine motor skills.

Fiddle Fingers – The Ultimate Finger Fidget Gadget Cube

Fiddle Fingers Fidget Gadget ToyFidget Fingers is the ultimate finger fidget gadget. If you need your nerves calming or your bordom feeding, this little highly addictive cube is just the device for you. Keep it in your pocket or bag and take it where ever you go.Six different functions soothe away the stresses and strains of the modern world. Glide, roll, click, rub, spinand flip, in any order, at any time.

Fidget Pencil: Pack of 4

Fidget Pencil 4 Pack
These colourful pencils come with four different tops, such as a nut and bolt, to occupy busy fingers and allow children to focus their minds. Ideal for children who fidget! Sold individually, randomly selected from four different designs.

Porcupine Tactile Ball

porcupine tactile ball

Porcupine ball made of hard plastic. A fidget toy that is great for finger exercise and movement. Tactile and great for massage therapy 5.5cm approx.

The Moodies

Moodies Fidget Toy
Now you can pull any face you like with new Pockos Moodies! Make and create lots of different faces. Just use your fingers and thumbs to shape and mould! Pull ‘em, pick ‘em push ‘em – the super soft filling makes it easy and will retain the shape. So you can have a sad face, happy face, funny face or even a long face! Hours of tactile face pulling fun with this fidget toy.

Therapy Putty

Therapy Putty
Therapy Putty is a great Hand Exerciser designed for use by individuals with finger and hand disabilities, carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis. This therapy putty is intended to help with the rehabilitation of injuries to the fingers, hand, and forearm muscles by squeezing and moving the putty inside the hand. It is also a great fiddle toy. It will not harden.

Disc o Sit – Proprioceptive Balance Seat: Large

Disc o sit balance seatActive sitting Cushion to aid good posture. Can also be used to stand or kneel on for balance training. Size 39 cms.

Mohdoh Unwind Mouldable Aromatherapy – relief from Stress and Anxiety.

Mohdoh Unwind Mouldable Aromatherapy – Mohdoh is an aid for helping with everyday ailments from insomnia, travel sickness, worry and anxiety to colds and flu, lack of focus, hyperactivity, headaches and tension. It is available in breathe, calm, headeez, sleep, think, travel and unwind.

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