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Top 10 Routine Aides for Children

From birth, we begin introducing routines into our children’s lives. The practice can help children repeat positive activities, understand time management and add structure to their lives. Without routine, some children become agitated, the natural fear of the unknown can kick in, and they struggle to comprehend what lies ahead.

For children with ASD, routines are particularly important. The certainty created by a habit can ease feelings of anxiousness. At Learning Space, our expert team have been busy selecting routine aids that keep such angst and uncertainty at bay. Discover our top 10 routine aids here:

Good Morning – Morning Routine Fan

Starting at the top of the day, we have the morning routine fan. Our first aide is a simple fan toy that opens to give a chronological guide to the morning. From wake-up to leaving home, the routine fan gives visual and text instructions. At £4.79, this inexpensive aid can empower your child as they follow the fan independently each morning.

Customise Your Child’s Routine – Rotary Schedule Board

This is a great visual tool to display a child’s daily routine. Move the arrow to indicate the appropriate symbol to say what is happening next in the child’s schedule. The board can be edited with the dry wipe boards and paper provided, helping you introduce changes depending on the day or for appointments and outings.

Sequencing for teachers and parents – Sequencing Stick

This sequencing stick enables teachers and children to create and display their daily routine or schedule. It could also be used to order and present your sequences of pictures, stories, sentences and numbers. In the classroom, it can signpost a lesson and help children visualise changes in the day plan as they occur.

Visual Timeframes- Sand Timers

If you are setting a timeframe for an exercise in the classroom or playtime at home, mini sand timers can help children visualise the time to be allocated to each activity. The packs are distinctly coloured for each duration, allowing you to assign 1, 3 & 5-minute durations.

The month ahead – Monthly Planning Poster

Printed on 350gsm artboard, the monthly planning poster stands out with a UV gloss finish. For important dates, appointments and personal milestones, the sign can help count down the days and support planning or parents. Expect to get years from this durable planner as it can be wiped clean to be used on a month-by-month basis. At just £2.50, it is an excellent investment for your home.

Rise and Shine – Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer

The Gro-clock teaches children when it’s time to get up or stay in bed using clear visuals. From stars that tell your child it is still time to rest to a bright yellow backdrop featuring the sun, the clock can help you create a natural resting routine.  It can save children from the late night angst of knowing when to rise or continue resting.

The Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer also comes with a bedtime book, helping you prepare your child for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Watching time go by – Time Timer

The Time Timer helps children understand the passing of time. As the red disc disappears, children can easily see exactly how much time is left. There is also an optional audible signal to show that the time is finished which sets off the alarm.

The Time Timer is also available in larger sizes, making it ideal for the classroom or groups of children.

Timing Groups – Giant ClearView Sand Timer

An enormous, stylish sand timer which acts as a centrepiece timing device.  At 32cm in height, it is ideal and durable enough for little children to use for timing events or tasks. The visual appeal and its impressive size make it an excellent investment for any classroom or nursery.

The Timer can be added to other orders for the classroom which qualify for free delivery for spends of £150.

Guided Play – Daily Schedule Pocket Chart

This sizeable hanging chart includes 15 blank clock faces, 20 digital time cards and 13 activity name cards. The wipe clean cards are perfect for planning out the day’s lessons and activities in classrooms and nurseries. Grommeted for hanging, the chart includes an activity guide to help plan play throughout the day.

improve your bedtime routineBack to Bed – Nighttime Routine Fan

At the end of the day, routine remains vital. Using the same principals as the morning routine fan, this can help children visualise the steps they need to take before going to bed. These pocket-sized fans can help children achieve the goal of understanding and following their bedtime routine independently.

So, if you are interested in any of the above aides or think that you would benefit from more information, visit our routine product page or  contact our store here. We also regularly host in-store events for children and those seeking more knowledge regarding the ASD. Find out what is happening at Learning Space here.

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