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Top 10 sensory toys for children who are deaf

Our team of specialised product advisors have put together a fantastic list

of sensory toys for children with hearing impairment. Each of these sensory

toys are designed to support your child’s needs. Click on the images below

to learn more and order online.

The following Light Up sensory set is perfect for your Dark Den. Use this

to illuminate story time, or help soothe anxiety within dark dens. The light

up items here are perfect for creating the perfect sensory dark area within

your home or school setting. It includes the following items however

alternatives may be given due to stock:

– Mathmos Space Projector With Oil Wheel Red/Yellow in Silver

– Spectra Strobe Ball – Sensory light up toy

– Star Projector Cube

– Energy Cosmic Ball – Sensory educational light up toy

– Dual rotating disco ball

– Light Up Strobe Bar

– Flashing Rubber Duck Sensory Toy

– Mini Disco Ball

– Meteor Ball – Flashing Sensory Toy

– Disco dome – Speakers and Projector

Check out our amazing Sensory bubble sets and mesmerizing timers, perfect

for relaxing.

– Beautiful sensory tool, perfect for helping your child to relax.

– Ideal for developing concentration and attention skills.

– Suitable for home and school

Children are able to communicate by signing before they develop the skills

necessary for speech. By teaching sign language to children from as young

as seven months we can help them to convey their emotions and their needs.

This first signing guide for hearing and deaf children contains over 40 key

signs. Designed for parents and carers to share with babies, with their simple

and clear instructions and endearing illustrations, these everyday signing

activities books are an ideal introduction to signing. A helpful tip is given at

the bottom of each page to help beginners get started. Makaton compatible.

A selection of 20 balls with different textures, colours, density and bounce

properties. Selected by our primary and pre-school specialists. The balls are

supplied in a black feely bag. Sensory Balls help to develop fine and gross

motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination
and also size discrimination. These

multi-coloured balls also help children to develop colour awareness, tactile

awareness, visual perception, concentration, and visual tracking.

Handheld portable fibre optic tails to enjoy on the go! You operate it with the

on/off button on the end of the torch and the black button in the middle

which changes the mode. Lots of fun options to play with colours up close!

Mode 1 – Colours – 12 options – 10 colour option, flash through all colours

option, fade through all colours option.

Mode 2 – Flash individual colour – Hold down for 2 seconds on your colour

choice to control the flashing speed. 2 sec flashes fast, another 2 sec slows

down, another 2 sec back to static colour.

Mode 3 – sleep mode – Hold for 4 secs for it to go into sleep mode.

Click again it will go to previous setting. To go back to the original white light,

turn off and on.

Sign along with your kids to their favourite nursery rhymes (like incey wincey

spider, ba ba black sheep and more) with our range of sign along books.

Children are able to communicate by signing before they develop the skills

necessary for speech. By teaching simple sign language to children from

as young as eight months, we can help them to convey their emotions and

their needs. When children begin to talk, having sign language to fall back

on provides a comforting safety net. Add to the fun of signing by singing

well-known nursery rhymes and songs. Even proficient speakers will long

enjoy signing to a favourite song or rhyme. Simple and clear signing

instructions allow anyone to join in. Click on the image above to check out

our full range of sign along books.

The perfect item for a party celebration or just everyday fun. Play your

favourite music and watch the 9 super bright LED lights on the sound

sensor bar dance to your favourite beat. Or just talk and watch the lights

react to the sound of your voice. Alternatively flick the switch for a random

light show. Requires 4 x AA batteries included. Comes with AC jack input

(adaptor not supplied) for optional mains supply. H4 x W26cm. Suitable

for age 6 +

A wonderful visual and tactile experience that really will encourage you

to move around and explore the surfaces. Ideal for use in sensory rooms

or environments, the bright colours and ever changing shapes encourage

visual stimulation, as well as movement and touch. Each tile is filled with

a liquid gel so that each step or movement will cause the liquid gel to shift

in an array of patterns.

Have you tried out our hydra lamps yet? The perfect night light for your

child’s room, the light dances along to the beat of the music. 🎶 Put on

some music in the room and watch as your child’s eyes light up. 🤩

Whether it is in a calming room or an interactive room, the array of changing

colours and moving bubbles gets everyone attracted to its relaxing effects.

Be mesmerised by the fish and balls. Popular for those with Sensory

Processing Disorder (SPD). Creates a positive response when watching

bubble tubes in action. Provides a tracking activity that helps to improve

visual development and communications skills.

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