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Top 10 Wellbeing Products

Here at Learning SPACE, we want to help parents who are looking for toys

or products to be able to support their loved ones. Read on to find out our

top 10 wellbeing products that the whole family can use and enjoy.

Click on each of the images and videos below for more information.

Perfect for reducing stress and anxiety, the Wellbeing Sensory Set has a

range of products aimed at minimising anxiety inducing episodes, and relieving

tension and stress. The lava lamp and liquid timers provide a visual calming

effect, whilst the massaging items provide sensory stimulation to relax the body.

We have a range of sensory sets to suit your child’s needs. You can view them

all on our website here.

Children (and adults) often have fears, troubles and woes and don’t always

tell their parents about them. So when your child doesn’t feel like they can

talk to someone about their worries, they can tell Frula and Enno: the worry eaters.

Recommended by psychologists and teachers as your child’s own personal

waste bin for problems, children simply write or draw their troubles and

feed them into the zip mouth of their Worry Eater.

Why we LOVE them

Worry Eaters give comfort and reassurance.

Alongside our range of emotional aide books, this is one of our favourites.

The Unworry Book is a practical activity book designed to calm childrens’

minds and distract them from everyday worries and anxieties.

Featuring full-colour illustrations throughout, this self-help guide provides

young readers with a place to sort through their worries and thoughts. They

also contain a variety of relaxing activities ranging from colouring and

mood grids to doodles and making a note of your most wonderful words.

This book reassures children that it is perfectly normal to have worries –

and how they can get them out of their heads by doodling, writing, scribbling

and scrunching.

Check out our range of mindfulness books here.

Meet Max Mindpower Junior!

This lovely little bear contains three guided meditations: Bodyscan,

Mindfulness of Breathing and Kindly Awareness. Max also plays one

Neuro-linguistics exercise designed for children to be able to capture good feelings.

Max also comes with one free introductory rhyming book! His first title is

About Max, which is the story of how Max came to be mindful.

Create a dynamic sensory area at home with this specially designed package.

The items have been selected to allow for various combinations to maximise

the equipment and area. Using only one or two pieces of equipment at a time,

the child can use the sensory items to help self-regulate.

From projectors to bubble tubes, dark dens to fidget toys, we have everything

you need to design your child’s sensory space. Click here to check out our

Sensory Needs section today for some inspiration.

Featuring a wealth of creative, interactive activities, this therapeutic

story and activity book by Dr. Karen Treisman is designed to

help children explore difficult feelings and build their self-esteem.

Ideal for counsellors, schools or parents, it’s full of ready-to-use,

low-cost ideas that will make a positive difference in children’s lives.

Even though Gilly the Giraffe has many wonderful things in her life,

she sometimes lacks confidence.

– Why does she have to stand out so much with her long neck,

her long black tongue and her mosaic patches?

– Why do some of the other animals point and laugh at her?

– Can it be possible to be different and to be cool?

Click here to check out our range of mindfulness books. 

Mohdoh combines the proven elements; aromatherapy, play therapy and colour

therapy to help children relax in a range of environments. As kids play with the

mouldable dough, it releases relaxing aromas that can aid them when stressed

at home school or travelling.

Click here to see our full range of Mohdoh sensory products.

Check out our fab range of textured expandaballs, guaranteed

to provide your kids with hours of fun, sensory play. Watch as our

training specialist Andy helps to demonstrate the benefits of the

expandaball. As well as helping children concentrate on their

breathing (In…Out) and to develop their fine motor skills, the

expandaballs are a great Cause and Effect sensory toy.

All you need to do now is decide whether you want the small,

giant or extra giant expandaball 🙂

Click here to order your expandaballs online today.

Using a designated safe comfortable space is a fantastic way to help with anxiety.

All the items in this pack are designed to give the child an area that they can

go to when they need some time.

Using a dark den, kitted out with amazing lighting, comforting smells, and

soft seating – the child can reduce anxiety themselves and learn to self soothe.

We have a range of sensory sets to suit your child’s needs. You can view them

all on our website here.

Because everyone needs a hug from a warmie!!

The dark and cold weather can affect everyone and sometimes, all we want

to do after a long day is cuddle up in front of the TV and relax. If this describes

your child, then a Warmie could be a perfect gift.

Whether your child is a fan of dragons, monkeys or puppies, we have them

in stock at Learning SPACE. They are safe to heat up and play with and

can also work as birthday presents for your teenagers’ friends, or can help to

relieve your aches and pains after a long day at work. marvellous (safe to heat

up and play with) gifts for excited little girls and boys (see we told you…

FUN for all the family).

Visit our website today to make sure you don’t go a day longer without a

warmie in your life.

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