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Top 15 Sensory Toys for Children with Down Syndrome

Our team of specialised product advisors have put together a fantastic list

of sensory toys for children with Down Syndrome. Each of these sensory

toys are designed to support your child’s needs. Click on the images below

to learn more and order online.

The Poppitoppy Ball Popper is a nice therapy tool to stimulate important

senses and promote sensory integration
. Push the top of B Poppitoppy

and the balls will all jump around like wild things! Dancing around the

Poppitoppy base, the balls will keep little ones occupied for hours. A

fantastic toy for small children that demonstrates Cause and Effect.

Push and push again on the Poppitoppy’s head! Pop Bop, Pop Bop,

will you push it once or will you push it 100 times?

Plush bear in a tin music box. Turn the handle and the instantly familiar

tune of ‘Pop Goes the Weasel’ begins to play. Keep turning the handle

and the bear figure pops out of the box with his arm outstretched. Simply

push the bear back down and close the lid to reset the mechanism. This

Dancing Bear Jack In The Box exercises motor skills, tracking, reactions

and is a charming example of ’cause & effect’. This classic childhood

favourite is as popular today as it has ever been, all set to entertain and

delight a new generation of children.

The lollipop drum is a fun and exciting instrument, particularly popular with

younger children. The lollipop drum can be played with your hand or with

the supplied mallet. It is the perfect tool to stimulate children’s interest in

and has an attractive appearance.

Bop them and watch them pop. This sensory toy gives some highchair

happiness through the lights, beads, balls and music. It suctions onto

surfaces for secure playtime. Spin the spiral beads as fast as you can and

play the piano buttons one at a time, or all three at once.

A selection of 20 balls with different textures, colours, density and bounce

properties. Selected by our primary and pre-school specialists. The balls are

supplied in a black feely bag. Sensory Balls help to develop fine and gross

motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination
and also size discrimination. These

multi-coloured balls also help children to develop colour awareness, tactile

awareness, visual perception, concentration, and visual tracking.

Popoids is the unique flexible building system which links heads, wheels,

bodies and shapes to bendy, popping bellows. It can be easily manipulated

by children who find the popoids great fun and love to extend the bellows to

hear the fantastic noise they make. A snap together construction system for

fine motor development, sequencing and co-ordination. The 70 pc animal

set contains: 2 animal heads, 2 bodies, 2 shoes, 2 hands, 2 sets of wheels,

4 half spheres, 1 sphere, 9 connectors and 46 bellows in a plastic tub with lid.

A teacher’s idea book is also included.

Have you ever wanted to hold a bubble without it popping? Well, now you

can with our touchable bubbles! The perfect sensory tool for helping to

relax your child during meltdowns. The touchable bubbles come in a range

of sizes – so you can take them anywhere. They are much more durable

and long lasting, compared to standard bubbles, for hours of fun!

Our Sight and Sound Drum is perfect for any early years setting as it will

stimulate most children. It consists of 5 individual tubes, each consisting

of different and visually interesting materials, creating different sounds

as they spin. The entire drum rotates at the slightest touch, giving maximum

reward for little effort. This sensory product is ideal for helping to develop

fine and gross motor skills, as well as listening and observation skills.

Accessible to children and parents of various ages and abilities, the Didicar

encourages exercise, physical development, balance, co-ordination, spatial

and speed awareness
. It also helps to improve core stability, posture and

muscle strength
. No batteries, motors or pedals required, you just simply

turn the steering wheel to move the car forward.

Whether it is in a calming room or an interactive room, the array of changing

colours and moving bubbles gets everyone attracted to its relaxing effects.

Be mesmerised by the fish and balls. Popular for those with Sensory

Processing Disorder (SPD). Creates a positive response when watching

bubble tubes in action. Provides a tracking activity that helps to improve

visual development and communications skills.

Spin the wheel slowly and watch as the spiral turns ever inwards. Featuring

a fascinating spiral design this Rotating Sensory Spiral is ideal for instigating

auditory and visual stimulation
. The enclosed marbles roll mesmerizingly

around the spiral track as the hub is turned. The wooden frame is sturdy and

robust, and can be used on either the floor or on a table top.

– The magical effect of the Rotating Sensory Spiral will mesmerise young children.

Helps to develop hand-eye coordination.

– Explore the changing effects of sight and sound as you turn the handle.

Hand-made from wood, the Rotating Sensory Spiral will delight your children

for years to come.

The Click Clack Track is a fantastic cause and effect sensory toy,

providing hours of simple yet addictive fun to children of all ages.

Watching the cars tumble down the tracks is mesmerising to watch,

not to mention the beautiful click clack sound they make on their

downward journey. This giant marble run/click clack track stands

at over a meter tall and will make a perfect addition to your child’s

nursery or play room.

A wonderful visual and tactile experience that really will encourage you

to move around and explore the surfaces. Ideal for use in sensory rooms

or environments, the bright colours and ever changing shapes encourage

visual stimulation, as well as movement and touch. Each tile is filled with

a liquid gel so that each step or movement will cause the liquid gel to shift

in an array of patterns.

This bright and chunky construction set is ideal for young children as the

pieces are easy to connect and take apart. The set includes a mixture of

brightly coloured magnetic long and short chunky rods and balls, which stick

together in a variety of ways. The magnetism allows for creative construction play

that is fun and simple. Large, easy to handle pieces keep smaller children

engaged and entertained. Super-strong magnetic connections mean projects

won’t fall apart. Colourful and textured rods add to the fun.

A carousel of fluorescent perspex strips that jingles and glows as it turns

when used under UV light. Ideal for sensory rooms. A beautifully made

and durable toy.

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