We have a range of different training opportunities for parents, carers, educators and early years professionals, provided by our experienced
team members. Our years of experience of working with parents, carers
and educators, along with a personal knowledge of Autism and
Sensory Processing Disorder, allow us to provide you with a tailored
training package, providing you with the tools and resources to support
your child’s needs.

Click below to check out our training packages and find the one that is suitable for you.

Join us for our insightful ASD focused workshop with our training manager, Andy

Why attend the training?

-Gain Real Life Experience of Autism, Sensory & Additional Needs.

-Understand How & Why of Helpful Techniques

-Learn Effective Strategies & Tools.

-Leave Feeling Empowered!

Who Should attend the Training?




-Youth Workers

-Early Years Professionals

Who delivers the ASD Training?

The training is delivered by Andy, a Learning Space team-member and ASD expert. With 14 years experience, Andy has a wealth of experience delivering ASD training, helping families and training current ASD professionals..

I have a plethora of knowledge through experience and course such as ‘Advocate for ASD individuals’ and ‘Managing Challenging Behaviours’. I have Autism Spectrum Disorder and 3 children with ASD. My drive is to help children feel valued and empowered. Creating specialist training alongside the expertise and knowledge from Learning SPACE enables us to make a bigger impact together.

Andy Hazley, ASD Training Manager, Learning SPACE

What have attendees said about the training?

Andy is inspirational. He not only knows his stuff but he is able to give mothers like myself an insight into how and why our children with autism do the things they do. Definitely an asset to the shop .

Denise Henderson, Parent

When you had us do the “spelling test” I was in tears thinking what the boy I work with could be feeling and it makes me want to give him a big hug. Thank you.

Classroom Assistant

Bespoke Training Options

-Autism Spectrum Disorder, 2 hours.
-Sensory Steps, 2 hours.

2-hour sessions cost £250. If you wish to combine the sessions, 4 hours costs £400. Call Learning Space on 02890 319 360 to discuss alternative training arrangements.

About this Event

Talk in confidence with our in-house trainer & advisor with regards to behaviours, ASD, sensory issues, routines, strategies and more.

Introductory FREE in-store 30 min sessions. Tuesday 10am-12.30pm. Longer sessions may incur a cost. 10am-12.30pm. Longer sessions may incur a cost. Contact us on 02890 319 360 or email us @ marketing@learningspaceuk.co.uk for more info.

Bespoke Training for schools and organisations

Contact us today on 02890 319360
to find out more about our Sensory Equipment Training and how we
can support your school or organisation.
The training is delivered by Ciara, our Educational Sales Manager and is personalised for the needs of your students, teachers and colleagues.

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