Meet the Team

Lorraine McAleer

Founder/Managing Director

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Background: I was a teacher and have over 24 years’ experience in the education and sensory world. I love engulfing myself in courses and experiences to ensure Learning SPACE are supporting families and organisations as best as possible. The most recent qualification is a post graduate certificate in Autism with Middletown Center for Autism and University of Limerick. This drive comes from supporting my sister who is the light of my life and has Sotos Syndrome. At the age of 38 I was diagnosed with Autism which has made a huge impact on my life. I began to understand myself more, be less hard on myself and build strategies to take off the mask. The impact of those around me having greater understanding and empathy changed everything.

Passionate about: Empowering and enabling children so that no matter what their needs are, they feel valued, resilient and happy.

Fun Fact: I love being in, on or beside the sea as it gives me such a sense of relaxation and peace. 

Mary Leonard

Managing Director

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Background: Qualified as a Social Worker, Joined Lorraine and opened Learning SPACE in 2007. I have an amazing sister who has Sotos Syndrome.

Passionate about: Walking the dog, family and supporting as many children as possible through Learning SPACE.

Fun Fact: I have coached swimming for the Special Olympics!

Naomh Judson

Procurement & Operations Manager

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Background: I have been working with Learning SPACE since 2016 and I love my job! I have over 10 years experience of working with children of all abilities and have undertaken numerous courses over the years to improve my knowledge also. 

Passionate about: I am passionate about my role at Learning SPACE as I get to support people like my wonderful sister Emma, who has Soto Syndrome and is the entire reason Learning SPACE exists today. I also enjoy walking my dogs, swimming in the sea and dancing.

Fun fact: I have lived in Spain for 5 years and work remotely.

Karl Judson

Bid & Project Manager

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Passionate about: Ensuring the children and families we supply to through Learning SPACE have access to the resources they need to live an inclusive life in society. 

Fun fact: I like anything on wheels and my dad taught me how to ride a motorbike from 3 years old!

Patrycja Czaja

Accounts Supervisor

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Background: I have been working at Learning SPACE since 2014. Working here allowed me to develop and gain many new professional experiences.

Passionate about: My greatest passion is interior design and decoration. I love to travel and I dream of visiting the whole world. I like cats, baking cakes and hand made things where I can show my creativity.

Fun fact: I have been on a rotation diet for many years - wherever I turn, I eat something and I am still surprised that it doesn't work.

Emma McAleer


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Passionate about: I love love love dogs and I volunteer as a dog walker twice a week. I have even walked 20 dogs at one time! I live in independent living and love hanging out with my friends, family and boyfriend. I enjoy swimming, basketball, athletics, dancing, traveling, shopping, colouring-in on my app and drama.

Fun Fact: I am an actress for Skysdalimit and I love taking part in their shows.

Sinead Farrell

Customer Services & Project Manager

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Passionate about: I love being outdoors, especially in autumn, my favourite season of the year. Nothing beats a crisp walk in the woods with the family and of course a coffee in hand. I'm a very sociable person, I love to be around friends and family and just have a good giggle.

Fun Fact:  I have worked on Hollyoaks and Jeremy Kyle!

Andy Hazley

Training Specialist Manager

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Background: Over the past 18 years, I have developed my knowledge of autism and sensory needs with the aim of helping as many people as I can. I am the training manager for Learning SPACE and also work as a trained advocate independently.

Passionate about: In my spare time, I enjoy gardening and spending time with my family. 

Phillip Anderson

Sales Executive

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Passionate about: I have a big interest in history. I like to stay active by playing football and running. My main hobbies are mountain hiking and adventures with my 2 girls.

Fun fact: I am a qualified mixologist - a great person to have around for the Christmas party!!

Tracey O'Donnell

Sales & Project Specialist

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Passionate about: I love to spend my free time outdoors - running and walking. Beaches and forests are my favourite places to be. I also enjoy cooking, baking and local volunteering roles. 

Fun fact: I have completed two of the World Marathon Majors - London and New York. 

Carole Johnson-Thompson

Customer Service

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Passionate about: I just love the outdoors whatever the weather. I enjoy walking in the mountains and taking my mountain bike on the trails. One of my favourite places to be is on a beach, and at any opportunity I love to go swimming or paddle boarding with my family. I especially enjoy winter swims - the colder the better!

Fun fact: I think rainbows are cool because they are colourful, happy and they always make people smile!

Dave Phillips

Customer Service

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Passionate about: I'm a passionate football enthusiast (both fan and player) and a proud parent of adorable five-year-old twin daughters. On weekends, you'll find me cheering for my favourite football team and going for small adventures with my 2 girls.

Fun Fact: I am also a qualified teacher!

Georgina Rigby

Customer Service & Marketing Executive

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Passionate about: Writing, reading and cooking. I love to create new and exciting things - You'll usually find me in the kitchen cooking up new tasty recipes, or coming up with new ideas and plot twists for the novel I'm writing.

Fun fact: Before moving to Menorca in 2011, I was a Florist and did flowers for Dame Judy Dench!

Liam Judson

Project Manager

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Passionate about: Understanding how things work, how to fix them, and learning everything I can about how something functions. As a qualified Electrical Engineer, I'm always tinkering with something, and I'm almost always able to put them back together.

Fun fact: Like Karl, I've been riding anything on 2 wheels since I was a toddler, the only difference is I'm better at it!