Sensory Weighted & Deep Pressure

In our range of Sensory Weighted and Deep Pressure products, we have selected a variety of specialised items to help children and adults with sensory needs. For those who seek the comfort of feeling safe, secure and calm by applying deep pressure compression and sensory weights to their body whilst they are in need of sensory stimulation. Challenging and sensory seeking behaviours can be significantly reduced with the application of deep pressure and added weight to the body, which is especially helpful for autistic children and autistic adults who crave the feeling of weight and pressure.  Weighted Blankets are amongst our most popular Sensory Weighted products for sensory seeking autistic children and adults, which have been proven to help restless night's sleep and feelings of comfort and relaxation.  With our Deep Compression Vests, Weighted Vests, Weighted Blankets, Squeeze Machine, Weighted Neck Pads, Weighted Cap and Weighted Lap Pads, you can choose exactly what suits your needs most.