Toys for Anxiety

Our collection of Toys for Anxiety in the classroom features a carefully curated range of Fidget Toys, Guide Books to beat anxiety and Calming Sensory Toys specifically designed to de-stress, sooth and distract. We have a variety of portable Wellbeing Sensory Boxes full of calming and relaxing aids and tools to help manage anxiety and emotions, as well as a variety of Bouncyband products such as the Butterfly and Monster Wiggle Seats to reduce anxiety and aid concentration in the classroom. Fidget toys can provide distraction and help children cope with stressful situations and our selection of Stress Relief Toys includes Jellyball Stress Balls, Sensory Bubbles, Sensory Putty and Tangles Therapy Toys. Sensory weighted products such as the adorable Warmies Microwavable Animals and the Calming Caterpillar are some of our most popular products designed to sooth and calm.