Sensory Fibre Optic Lighting

Our LED Fibre Optic Lights are captivating and visually stimulating, with bright and colourful LED lights that change colour.  In our range of Sensory Fibre Optic Lighting, you will find a variety of different Fibre Optic Lights, such as, Portable Fibre Optics, Fibre Optic Tails, Fibre Optic Carpets, Fibre Optic Wall Carpets, Fibre Optic Curtains and Fibre Optic Wall Cascades. We also provide supports to suspend them from the wall or ceiling.  Safe to touch and interact with, our Sensory Fibre Optics are a fantastic way to encourage play and develop fine motor functions in children. Adding a colour changing LED Fibre Optic Tail or Fibre Optic Carpet to your sensory room will enhance your child's sensory experience.  Suitable for use at home, in a school setting or in a sensory room setting.