Mirror Ball - 20cm

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Mirror Ball - 20cm

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Product Description:

Be the life of the party with our 20cm Mirror Ball! Create a classic disco ambiance with this dazzling glass beauty that throws multi-coloured beams in every direction. Here's why it's a party essential:

  • Captivating Multi-Coloured Beams: Watch as this 20cm Mirror Ball mesmerizes with its spectacular display of multi-coloured beams, adding an exciting visual element to any event.

  • Space-Saving Size: Make a bold statement without sacrificing space. The 20cm size strikes the perfect balance, ensuring it catches the eye without overwhelming the room.

  • Effortless Installation: Hang the mirror ball with ease using the sturdy metal hanging ring. It's a simple process that'll have you ready to dazzle in no time.

Bring the disco spirit to life and have everyone tapping their toes and sparkling the night away with our 20cm Mirror Ball. Let the party begin!

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